Don’t Miss Out on This Food Coma Series When You Visit Wellington, New Zealand!

Are you aware that New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, is also famous as its culinary capital? If there is so much impression about the excellent cuisine and a variety of dishes, no doubt, it is a must inclusion in your trip.

More than enjoying a complimentary breakfast in your hotel suite, explore the following food junctions you shouldn’t miss while in the town. Though several travel agents organize dedicated food tours, we have a splendid collection of food series to check out if you can’t attend them!

extensive trip to breweries

• Plan an extensive trip to breweries

Wellington is full of award-winning and celebrated breweries in every street of the city. Though you also have branded and luxurious bars and hotels, the original breweries are the central attraction for all wine and beer lovers. Gin Distillery in Lombard Street, Occasional Brewer on Adelaide Road, and Fortune Favors on Te Aro are some of the famous destinations to visit.

You can have a tour around their facilities, visit their manufacturing units or try out your hand in mixing and setting the beer. Many owners also offer free beers, dining facilities, and wholesale packages to all their customers, which is perhaps a too much golden chance to miss out!

• Become a coffee connoisseur

Dark and original coffee is a landmark in Wellington after its finest breweries. You can find all types of coffees in street shops, food carts, and even restaurants.

Cafes around Wellington generally host high teas with breakfasts and snacks, making them perfect for enjoying on a customized platter. You can also find self-coffee-preparing restaurants to learn the cappuccino art or blend the perfect brew.

• Don’t leave out the amazing seafood

Being a coastal city with numerous cliffs and fishing nooks, seafood is one of the prominent cuisines to try in Wellington. Whether you favor crabs, salmons, or shrimps, you can get tasty and lip-smacking dishes in every other restaurant. Amazingly, you can also opt for fish and sell them off to the agents for cooking them in the nearby restaurants.

• Attend cook-off restaurant classes

Apart from breweries allowing you to try out the wine fermentation or the cafes where you can make your own coffee, there are several cook-off classes and hotels where you can learn and share your recipes with others.

cook-off restaurant classes

You can visit them in a group to learn to cook authentic New Zealand dishes with complete ingredients and tools provided by them. Generally, these home cottages aren’t any posh restaurants but are classes conducted in family hotels or open lawns to motivate friendliness.

• Baked goods are also famous

Snacks and bakes are always popular among tourists as they are easy to carry and nibble on. However. If you want to try a flavorsome marble cake or a dripping chocolate muffin, you can definitely find one in any famous bakery. Along with cakes and cookies, scones, croissants, and varieties of biscuits are also popular in general and vegan recipes.

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