Explore The Adventurous Activities to Enjoy Around Wellington!

Traveling to a fantastic destination like Wellington should certainly have all the adventure activities included in your list. If you have only planned for visiting museums and gardens, you are probably missing out on the energetic fun. Check out the following adventure activities and their popular destinations that you can cover all in just a few days!

Diving programs

Diving programs

Scuba diving or deep-water White Shark Diving is one of the most favored water adventure sports in New Zealand. You can search online and find many agencies and trained guides around the town to book your package.

They generally have fixed hourly slots, offer all the equipment and tools and only allow the participants if they are fit for underwater diving. You can spend time studying the marine riverbed and vegetation or float along with several schools of fish.

Bike riding around the city

Hired bikes are everywhere to find in Wellington, and the peaceful city has all the best roads and trails to ride for long hours. You can find dedicated biking trails like Makara Peak Mountain, Skyline track, or Remutaka cycling track to enjoy a calm environment or even take your bike to the Waiotauru riverside to ride along the coast.

The recognized trails are routed paths with concrete tracks and fixed directions. You can rent cycles and helmets on an hourly basis to order around.

Treks and hikes

Did you think waterline tourism is all you can find in New Zealand? Of course not! Along with aquatic adventures, if you are a nature lover, you are going to like the best hikes and trekking tours around the city. You can join the local event managers or book a guide for your entourage to enjoy the trip.

You can choose the urban tracks in the City to Sea walkway, go along the coasts of the Hutt Valley River and Cross Creek of Wairarapa or trek eleven kilometers through Mount Victoria, botanical parks, and the great Wellington Zoo. These treks are usually fifteen to twenty kilometers long and need at least a day to enjoy the best.

Wildlife tours

Safaris needn’t only be a wildlife exploration as Wellington’s tours have a great different meaning. You can find movie tour safaris to visit the scenic shooting locations featured in Hollywood blockbusters like The Lord of The Rings and Avatar. You can also visit coastline safari and even include boating and diving in the expedition to enjoy the area well.

Bird photography sessions

Rivers, botanical gardens, and parks are thousands around Wellington city. Since the place is located close to the coastline, several migratory birds adaptable to the marine temperate climate get attracted throughout the year. The autumn months of March to May are even iconic as the scenery and climate also serve as a spectacular backdrop.

The Wellington Botanic Garden, Otaki River, or Castlepoint lighthouse beach are open throughout the day; you can take out time and visit for bird photography. The areas are vast, clean, and level, which offers a great place to set up cameras and station yourself to catch the flying subjects in motion.

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