How To Plan Your Wellington, New Zealand Visit to Cover More in Less Time?

Planning an extensive vacation isn’t possible for one and all. But even if you are traveling for work, you can make the most of it to roam around the place. You may have heard about thousands of tourist destinations in Wellington which might take weeks to cover all leisurely. But if you want to enjoy the city on a short visit, here are a few tips!

• Look for a beachside or waterfront hotel for lodging

If you are much short on time and can’t squeeze in many adventure activities, you can obviously book a beach view hotel or a coastline villa for your lodging. You can enjoy a spectacular view or even go out for a walk on the bed if time permits!

• Use waterways to travel along the coast

Since Wellington has a lengthy coastline covering the famous Kapiti coast and the Cook Strait beaches, you can opt for ferry or motorboat rides to travel along the coast.

Meanwhile, you can also enjoy many water sports and fishing activities if you have enough time. Tourists generally find it feasible to visit the city around March or May as they can enjoy the calm autumn season.

 waterways to travel

• Cable car rides are surely a great adventure!

Riding a metro or subway isn’t a great deal in any country, but Wellington’s cable car rides have their own recognition and attraction. This transport system scaling throughout the city covering the major tourist points and markets is a funicular railway system with a single cabin.

You can enjoy the urban hustle-bustle while traveling through these sound-proof cars to reach destinations within minutes. A cable car museum was also inaugurated in December 2020 that houses all the old and new models of cars back from the 1970s, which is also a worth visiting center.

• Visit local eateries and restaurants for authentic Kiwi dishes

Wellington is better known as the culinary capital of New Zealand, which makes the destination a great place to try all the authentic dishes and local flavors. Starting from a wide range of coffees, beers, wines, cooked crabs, fried fishes, and chocolate oozing scones, you can find several hotels and food carts with a plethora to explore.

Try to visit different eateries for every meal or participate in the local food tours to enjoy your meals excitingly. You can be a connoisseur in your trip to try out free drinks and beverages and even collect some fine local brands at the cheapest rates.

• Visit botanical gardens and zoos to enjoy NZ’s nature!

Botanical gardens, parks, and safaris are thousands in the marine temperate climate of Wellington. You can visit the Wellington botanical garden, Begonia House in Glenmore Street, or Turby King Park in Manchester to enjoy the natural expanse and learn about the local horticulture.

Being a coastal city, its parks and water bodies also attract many migratory birds that are worth watching. These gardens are best for evening strolls, spending leisure time, and even allow pets on a leash to enjoy some company together!

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