Water Sports and Activities in Wellington You Can Enjoy Around the Year!

New Zealand’s capital city Wellington has a vast coastline that prominently contributes to travel and tourism. If you ever book through a travel agent, you can surely get across one or the other water activity to enjoy.

If you want to make more of the aquatic adventure in your trip, here are some exciting activities you should definitely try! All these sports aren’t available in Wellington city thus you can visit the nearby places, usually at an hour’s distance, to add more fun to your checklist.

boat sailing

Charter, yatch or boat sailing

When visiting a country with a vast coastline, boating is one best choice that everybody can enjoy regardless of their age. Even if you aren’t much adventurous type or don’t have any interest in surfing and kayaking, you can still hire a boat to sail around the azure water.

The water transport is even feasible to travel to nearby coastal cities, go on a coastline safari or even spend a sunny day on the shore. Fishing is also an inclusive activity that you can add to your boating trip to catch some splendid game and sell it off to local restaurants. You can hire family boats and motorized charters with trained drivers to enjoy your picnic.

Diving adventure

Wellington’s Taputeranga Marine Reserves and Island Bay locations are the best for scuba diving lovers to explore the marine underworld. As you would need all the gear and guidance to navigate and visit the best-hidden nooks, you should approach the famous diving instructor agencies. On some coasts, you can also experience the great white cage diving to get closer to the marine beasts.

The top ones offer personally trained divers to accompany your group, provide all the equipment, and even offer ferry rides if you have to travel into the water body. You can contact some rated agencies like Island Bay divers, dive HQ Wellington or New Zealand Sea Adventures to book your slot and package.

Rafting and kayaking

If you love boating but want more adventure, rafting and kayaking along the coastline are great choices for all. You can either bring your inflatable kayaks or rent one from the beachside kayak tutors. If you start counting, Wellington has more than fifty rivers and natural streams, passing through the jungles and rocky paths.

They naturally provide the perfect way for adventurous kayaking. You can choose singe boat kayaking or even opt for rafting with your entire gang. More leisure lovers often recommend paddle boats, which you can sail at a slow pace.

Rafting and kayaking


If you plan to visit Otaki River, Castlepoint, or Riversdale beach, surfing is one must activity to enjoy on the gushing waves. Apart from surfboards that need skill and experience, you can also try jet boating and zorbing, which are also hosted on these shores.

These adventurous activities have remarked areas around the beach, and the authorities also provide trainers and guards to ensure your safety. You can even hire a professional surfboard from them if you don’t own any.

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